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Women Lawyers in Leadership Webcast to Feature Miller Shah LLP

Jayne A. Goldstein and Natalie Finkelman Bennett, partners at Miller Shah LLP, will be featured speakers at Women Lawyers in Leadership 2021, a live webcast airing on September 23, 2021. Additionally, Jayne is the Chairperson for this event. The program is designed to benefit women attorneys seeking to take their careers up a notch by striving for leadership positions. Agenda topics include the following:

  • Getting a seat at the table
  • Women of color in the law
  • Recognizing and rising above unconscious bias
  • Presentation skills for women
  • Best practices in leadership for women

Although the glass ceiling has cracks, there are still obstacles to its complete shatter. More women are needed in leadership positions in the legal profession. We applaud and support Natalie and Jayne in devoting their time to share their experiences as successful lawyers in leadership roles with other aspiring women attorneys. This webcast is produced by the Practising Law Institute, a nonprofit organization committed to legal and professional development. To register, call 800-260-4754 or visit www.pli.edu/programs/women-lawyers-in-leadership?t=live.


September 23, 2021

9:00 AM EDT – Opening Remarks, Jayne A. Goldstein

9:15 AM EDT – Getting a Seat at the Table and What to do Once You’ve Obtained Your Seat: Tips for Women Lawyers

  • How to get appointed as lead counsel
  • What Judges look for when deciding leadership
  • Should women play the gender card?
  • Negotiation tips for women lawyers
  • How to be valued once you’re serving as lead counsel
  • Why do men get many of the prominent roles?

Panel Leader: Jayne A. Goldstein
Speakers: Alexandra S. Bernay, Dani R. James, Jacquelyn Kasulis, Richelle Levy, Elaine H. Mandelbaum, Janine Pollack

10:45 AM EDT – Break

11:00 AM EDT – Unconscious Bias Towards Women in the Law: How to Recognize it and Rise Above it

  • What is unconscious or implicit bias?
  • How do you recognize unconscious bias?
  • Practice tips for women attorneys to combat the adverse effects of unconscious bias
  • How women can excel in their law practice despite unconscious bias
  • How women attorneys can break out of traditional gender roles
  • How to effectively argue for diversity in leadership at your law firm or legal organization

(Bias/Diversity credit where applicable) Sheila S. Boston, Brande Stellings

12:00 PM EDT – Lunch

1:00 PM EDT – Women of Color in the Law

  • Tips for self-advocacy and reputation management to aid attorneys who are women of color to reduce real and perceived bias
  • Strategies on how women of color can address the imposter syndrome to reduce bias and discrimination
  • Hear ABA recommendations to address challenges that have been heightened by the pandemic, which have disproportionately affected women lawyers and women lawyers of color, and which will impact how well corporations and law firms move forward.
  • Learn about the Emotional Tax – the combination of being on guard to protect against bias, feeling different at work because of gender, race, and/or ethnicity, and the associated effects on health, well-being, and ability to thrive at work – that is pervasive for women and men of color in the legal workplace
  • Explore strategies to attenuate Emotional Tax to the benefit of attorneys, employees and business alike

(Bias/Diversity credit where applicable) Paulette Brown, Paula T. Edgar, Roberta D. Liebenberg, Michele Coleman Mayes, Sharon Robertson, Stephanie A. Scharf

2:30 PM EDT – Break

2:45 PM EDT – Presentation Skills for Women Lawyers

  • Organize and prioritize content for maximum impact
  • Increase speaking energy while maintaining calm in interactions with opposing counsel or clients
  • The power of brevity when briefing clients or partners
  • How women attorneys can outsmart interruptions during meetings

(Skills credit for NY attorneys) Natalie Finkelman Bennett, Taa R. Grays

3:45 PM EDT – Best Leadership Practices for Women Lawyers

  • How to build and stay in touch with your network
  • Developing your own style Communicating effectively
  • How to gain and keep respect
  • Effective management of professional and non-professional staff

(Skills credit for NY attorneys) Cynthia B. Adams, Paula T. Edgar, Joan E. McKown, Lara Shalov Mehraban, Linda P. Nussbaum

5:00 PM EDT – Adjourn

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