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Miller Shah LLP is a results-driven law firm focused on delivering the highest level of service possible to our clients throughout the globe. Miller Shah believes that representing clients with considered judgment and candor, as well as the highest degree of courtesy, professionalism and zeal possible, provides the best opportunity to achieve and exceed their goals in any given matter. Having begun over 10 years ago as a litigation boutique, the firm has grown into a full-service firm that is able to meet clients’ needs in virtually any matter.

Our firm maintains a number of offices in the United States and overseas that are strategically located to serve our clients. In addition, through a highly respected global network of independent law, fiduciary trust and accounting firms, as well as Howard Brown on behalf of HS Brown Limited, Miller Shah is able to effectively meet the needs of its clients throughout the world. Although our practice has grown in terms of geographic scope to meet client needs, we maintain the culture of a boutique law firm of trial lawyers and staff working in an interdisciplinary, team-based manner across and between different offices. All of our team members are actively encouraged to visit each of our offices annually to maintain the cohesive environment that we have created and work hard to maintain.

Focused On Results

As part of our mission statement, Miller Shah ensures that every client receives our best judgment and a clear recommendation in every matter. In other words, although we always discuss and fully describe the array of alternatives available to our clients, we understand the importance of advocates being plainspoken, willing to challenge convention and strategic in their thinking. That is why we make certain, without mincing words, that Miller Shah always provides specific recommendations to each client in clear and straightforward terms as to the best way to achieve the goal at hand.

Motivated By Challenging Issues

We are motivated by and relish the opportunity to confront challenging issues; we consider it a privilege to work cooperatively with our clients to meet their goals and overcome the inevitable challenges created by complicated transactions and the disputes that clients regularly confront.

Motivated By Challenging Issues

The attorneys, professionals and staff at Miller Shah are a diverse and accomplished group of individuals who value the professional rewards and other benefits of working in a collegial, team-oriented environment. The attorneys at the firm have earned degrees from some of the most highly respected colleges and law schools. Many graduated with distinction and were members and editors of their respective schools’ law reviews, moot courts or honor fraternities. Most have served judicial clerkships, and several of our lawyers hold graduate degrees in law, tax and other disciplines.

Our professional staff also is highly experienced and accomplished. At Miller Shah, we believe strongly that the competence and commitment of our non-attorney staff is critical to achieving the excellent client service that we always seek to deliver. We pride ourselves on working collegially together as a firm while eschewing artificial hierarchy and stilted interactions in favor of a team-oriented environment that fosters creativity and a commitment to excellence.

Comprised of attorneys and staff that are almost exclusively alumni of large firms, Miller Shah team members have a keen understanding of the benefits of working in a boutique environment in which the opinions and contributions of all attorneys and staff are considered and valued. The firm’s clients also recognize these benefits and regularly comment upon Miller Shah’s responsiveness and the efficiencies achieved in specific engagements, where the attorneys and staff are clearly and unselfishly committed to the simple goal of achieving an excellent result for the client, while enjoying the opportunity to collaborate with peers in a workplace environment that maximizes the potential of all team members and values the contributions of all.

At Miller Shah, we understand that it is best to approach any case, transaction, trial or other client challenge by obtaining a full understanding of the issues at hand and then engaging in strategic thinking, as well as hard work, to establish, and then meet and exceed, our clients’ goals.

Socially Committed And Responsible

Although superior client service is our overriding aim, at Miller Shah, we approach our practice in a socially responsible manner, while making meaningful contributions to support the communities in which we work, the world at large and the social justice system. After our first ten years, although we are proud of the over $1 billion in recoveries that we have obtained for our clients in litigation and similar matters, the important disputes that we have resolved and the significant transactions that we have completed, we are equally proud of the more than $100 million in charitable donations for which the firm has been responsible in the form of cy pres and other donations and gifts to assist those in need, as well as supporting the arts, education and other philanthropic causes. Miller Shah is also actively involved in pro bono cases, having successfully assisted clients in a variety of diverse matters, including civil matters for indigent clients, death penalty appeals, immigration asylum matters and court-appointed prisoner rights cases. Finally, we maintain an active credit internship program with Cornell University and sponsor public interest fellowships at some of the most respected law schools in the world.

Accessible And Responsive Solutions

We partner with our clients to understand and meet their objectives, and so we place great emphasis on building lasting relationships with new and existing clients. Contact Miller Shah to request additional information or materials, or to arrange a consultation with any of the talented and accomplished members of our team. We have offices in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Italy.

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