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Investigation of Auto-Renew Contracts

Summary of Investigation: Welcome to the webpage maintained by Miller Shah LLP for its investigation of auto-renew contracts, including some offered by financial service companies, such as Bloomberg and Dow Jones. Statutes in certain states mandate that if a company wishes to automatically renew a subscription, the consumer must receive notice by certified mail no longer than 30 days, and no less than 15 days before the deadline for cancelling the auto-renewal provision. Specifically, Miller Shah is investigating instances where companies automatically renew consumers’ contracts without providing the notice required under these statutes.

If you have been automatically renewed in a contract, including contracts with a financial service company such as Bloomberg or Dow Jones, or simply would like to learn more information about this investigation, please contact us by filling out the form below.

Contact Us: If you would like to receive additional information or provide us with information concerning this investigation, please click here.

Status: Under Investigation

Send Us Information: If you have information about this action that you would like to provide us, please fill out the form below.

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