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Investigation Into Alleged Misclassification of U-Haul Workers

Summary of Investigation: Welcome to the webpage maintained by Miller Shah LLP for its investigation into the alleged misclassification of workers employed by U-Haul International, Inc. (“U-Haul”) and its subsidiaries Collegeboxes, LLC (“Collegeboxes”) and eMove, Inc. (“eMove”). Allegedly, despite retaining control over the work performed, U-Haul, Collegeboxes, and/or eMove have misclassified their workers as independent contractors, rather than employees. This alleged misclassification denied workers the wages and benefits which they are lawfully entitled to under federal and state law.

If you were previously or currently employed by U-Haul, Collegeboxes, or eMove between 2013 and the present, or would like to learn more about this investigation, please fill out the form here.

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