Class Actions

In 2019, $3.17 billion was recovered from securities class action suits alone. Imagine how many more class action lawsuits can bring money back to the common consumer, an innocent charity, or corporations that have been defrauded. Class action lawsuits give regular citizens and companies the opportunity to recover funds they lost through long cons, fraudulent business practices, and/or improper reporting. Clients may believe their situation is unique and may be tempted to write off any losses they experienced. However, the securities litigation attorneys at Miller Shah LLP  will find those who belong to each class, investigate each case, and file a lawsuit that holds the responsible parties accountable.

We Take All Class Action Cases

Miller Shah attorneys have successfully represented certified classes and other plaintiff groups of all sizes across a wide spectrum of industries and situations. A personal attorney may not feel comfortable filing a class action lawsuit, but they can partner with us to bring the appropriate parties to justice. Read through our practice areas below to learn what we can do. Clients may not realize how widespread the wrongdoing is until they retain our firm, provide evidence to our expert attorneys, and learn of all the other people who have been affected.

With multiple offices throughout the United States, Miller Shah has the capacity to coordinate and prosecute collective actions on behalf of plaintiffs across the country. We litigate in many state and federal jurisdictions and are affiliated with the Integrated Advisory Group. Because we are associated with this international network of professional firms, we can help clients with local counsel, co-counsel, and sharing of resources in foreign cases. These connections enable us to engage in representative and collective litigation in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and worldwide.

Our Clients

Miller Shah has represented a variety of private and public plaintiffs, including institutional investors, private companies, officers and directors, other fiduciaries, and labor organizations. In such litigation, Miller Shah has been successful in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.

Private and Public Investors: Private and public investors may have been defrauded by a hedge fund, investment manager, or corporation. We will investigate the case, determine the exact amount a client is owed, and prove that the investor or corporation gained that capital through illegal means.

Corporate Officers and Directors: We work on corporate officer and director cases when a group of shareholders must file a lawsuit against a company because of an executive’s misdeeds. These suits can be filed when the corporation has not removed the executive or seems to be complicit in said executive’s illegal actions.

Fiduciaries and Fraud Cases: Fiduciary fraud cases occur when the client believes the fiduciary violated their duty of trust. Fiduciaries may be entrusted with money from multiple funds, or those fiduciaries might have collected charitable donations for a variety of people or organizations. Our expert attorneys will review the case, determine how the fraud was perpetrated, and recover the maximum compensation possible.

Labor Organizations: Labor organizations may have been defrauded by an investor or a fiduciary within the organization may have misused dues paid to the organization. We will determine how the organization lost the money, and we will prosecute the case to the fullest extent of the law.

Charities: Charities may have been defrauded by those who take funds they do not need. If a charity has been defrauded by a group of people, those people can be sued for the money they stole. If a client believes a charity has misused their donations, we will find all the members of the class and act accordingly.

We Prosecute Cases to Trial

Unlike some lawyers who undertake class action litigation, the attorneys at Miller Shah know how to prosecute cases to trial. We have extensive experience trying complex, multi-district, and class action cases. In federal and state courts, as well as arbitral forums, Miller Shah attorneys have tried cases on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants to a successful jury verdict, judgment, and award. Because we are willing to take cases to trial, opponents in any case cannot hope for an easy settlement. We fight for every dollar owed and our diligent attorneys will update clients throughout the process.

Cases We Handle

Clients may have been confronted with yet another form of fraud or violation of federal law. Contact us as soon as possible to discuss the case and present any evidence. Clients may not realize how serious their case is until they speak with one of our attorneys, and we will explain the extent of the case in the following situations:

Antitrust Cases: Antitrust cases challenge the power a monopoly exerts over an industry or its competitors. Contact our offices for assistance with an antitrust case that must be filed before competitors become too powerful. In like manner, clients may contact us when they have been challenged by antitrust litigation that is not warranted.

Consumer Protection Suits: Consumer protection litigation is necessary when faulty products or fraudulent services have been offered to the public. We will investigate the case, determine who is at fault for the faulty products or services, and prosecute that case to court, if needed. We will build a class action lawsuit involving all the people who have been harmed, and we will use the information provided to begin our investigation.

Employment Discrimination and Civil Rights Cases: Employment discrimination and civil rights cases are important because they maintain balance in the workplace and society. If a client has been discriminated against at work or by a public or private agency, we will investigate their case to determine how to proceed. We will find the people who were also victims of discrimination, and we will prosecute the case to court to prevent that agency or entity from doing the same thing to someone else.

Employee Benefit Issues: Employee benefits cases must be tried in open court to prevent an employer from defrauding its workers. Clients may not have been paid properly or they may not receive the same benefits as everyone else. Clients also may not have been paid fairly because they are a minority or a woman.

ERISA/Fiduciary Compliance: If a retirement plan is not compliant with ERISA regulations, a client must file a lawsuit to recover their funds or receive the benefits they deserve. If they do not receive regular updates about their plan, do not know how to withdraw funds, do not understand how the plan is diversified, or do not know all the parts of the plan, the retirement package might not be ERISA compliant. We will determine how to proceed after reviewing the case and finding other class members from the employer or other companies using the same retirement plan.

Housing Practices: If a landlord does not abide by Fair Housing rules, we will look into the matter. Our expert attorneys will review the case, lease, and the conditions that the client lives in. Clients may have concerns about how their elderly loved ones are living or question the lease. We use our expertise to fight against landlords who are abusing their powers, violating Fair Housing statutes, or extorting money from their tenants.

Insurance Coverage/Practices Cases: If a client has problems with their insurance carrier, contact us at once. An insurance company might provide an attorney who will try to settle a claim quickly to save money. If an insurance company is not abiding by their policy, they must be held accountable. We will fight to make certain clients receive the maximum compensation possible.

Securities Fraud/Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation: Securities fraud and fiduciary lawsuits must be brought when a client believes an executive or company violated their duty of trust based on a business relationship. Clients must provide us with all the information about the case. It is easy for traders, corporations, and executives to defraud clients if they do not contact our office for assistance.

Wage and House Class Action Suits: We help clients who have issues with unfair wages or wage discrimination. Clients may believe that their company is violating minimum wage laws. We will find all the people in the class, build a case, and prepare for court. We will prosecute any case to court, if needed.

Opt-Out Litigation or Arbitration: When clients want to opt-out of a class action suit or arbitrate compensation, we will help them get out of a case that is currently pending. We will build each case from the ground up and file a lawsuit separate from the class action lawsuit that will give clients the compensation they deserve.

Securities Litigation Attorneys at Miller Shah LLP Advise Clients on Class Action Lawsuits

The securities litigation attorneys at Miller Shah LLP help clients receive the maximum compensation they are allowed in every class action case. We invite you to read our class action FAQs and view examples of our current investigations and recently settled cases in collective and class action litigation. Call us today at 866-540-5505 or contact us online for an initial consultation. We handle cases nationwide from our offices in Pennsylvania, New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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