Commercial Disparagement (Business Defamation) And Defamation

There are few assets more valuable to your business or to you as an individual than your reputation. Protecting our clients’ good names is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

The attorneys of Miller Shah LLP have represented a number of business entities and individuals in high-stakes commercial disparagement and defamation cases throughout the United States in court proceedings, arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution forums. With offices in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as our international network of affiliates at Integrated Advisory Group, our attorneys have handled complex claims of this nature across the United States and internationally. For a discussion of your case and to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced defamation lawyers, contact James E. Miller (, Laurie Rubinow ( or Miller Shah Managing Partner Nathan Zipperian (

Protecting your reputation is a matter of paramount importance. Defamation can take many forms and has become an area of increasingly frequent concern with the proliferation of Internet usage and so-called anonymous reviews. Our lawyers have successfully litigated business and individual defamation lawsuits that involved:

  • Publication of derogatory information about a person’s business or property, products or services
  • Statements discouraging individuals from dealing with individuals or businesses in commercial matters
  • Financial losses from disparagement or defamation
  • Lanham Act violations (false advertising affecting business interests)
  • FINRA U-5 defamation actions representing stock professionals who were defamed by their prior employer
  • Defamation on websites and through Internet postings and reviews

Miller Shah has recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients in defamation/commercial disparagement cases. Our firm has the experience to evaluate the strengths and weakness of your case before it reaches a courtroom or arbitration panel.

For a more extensive discussion of our abilities and results in commercial disparagement and defamation, call 866-540-5505 to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys, or email James E. Miller (, Laurie Rubinow ( or Miller Shah Managing Partner Nathan Zipperian (

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