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Miller Shah LLP is a recognized leader in corporate governance and securities litigation. Nationally, our securities law attorneys represent diverse clients on both sides of investment-related disputes, in regulatory proceedings, and investigations before government agencies or industry entities.

Recently, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) used a self-reporting program that recovered $135 million for affected investors. In total, the SEC recovered $2.6 billion in 2019 for investors, but clients need expert legal representation if they expect to see any of that money. Much of what comes to light is discovered because law firms are on the cutting edge of securities law. We, however, also understand that some companies are falsely accused of impropriety, and we aim to help those companies reclaim their good names.

Miller Shah has represented a variety of private and public entities, including institutional or other investors, investment managers, hedge funds, and public/private pension funds. We also work with private companies, officers and directors, and labor organizations. Our securities litigation practice is one of the largest and strongest practice areas of the firm. Because securities litigation can be complex, we have divided this work into several areas. Read through our list of specialties to understand what we can do. Because of this, we have significant trial and appellate experience in the following areas:

Corporate Control Contests

Corporate control contests include proxy fights. The owner and management of a company may disagree about how to manage the company, or the owner may believe that they naturally wield more power than the board of directors. In certain cases, the board of directors may want to remove an owner or CEO based on a variety of existing concerns.

Criminal Prosecution for Securities Fraud and Other Matters

We help corporations and managers who have been accused of securities fraud or malfeasance. Our attorneys will investigate the case thoroughly, and help clients better understand the nature of the case. Securities cases may come down to misunderstandings, improper reporting elsewhere in the company, or reveal another employee who committed securities fraud.

Derivative Director and Officer (D&O) Cases/Investigations

Derivative suits are brought against officers of the company by shareholders. When a company has failed to investigate or oust an executive as a result of securities fraud or wrongdoing, the shareholders may file against the company or that executive. State law governs these cases, and we understand how to approach the case, be it in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania.

FINRA Arbitrations of Investor/Broker Disputes

We offer legal representation during any Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration or dispute resolution hearing. FINRA offers dispute resolution as an alternative to legal action, and we will collect information about each case before resolution meetings begin. Clients must prove their case, even when working with a mediator, we will speak on behalf of the client or their company to come to an acceptable resolution as quickly as possible.

Shareholder Class Action Suits

Lawsuits can be brought against a company by shareholders who bought securities from the company during a certain period. Clients may bring a class action suit against a company from which they purchased something, but they must specify the time period that covers the lawsuit. We will seek out all the other members and vigorously defend the client’s position.

Significant Shareholder Opt-Out Cases

Most class action cases involve a large group of people, and it is virtually impossible for most shareholders to opt-out of the class action. Our attorneys help significant shareholders opt-out so that they can pursue greater compensation as part of their own lawsuit. We will help clients get out of a current class action suit, file their own suit, and investigate their claim completely.

Securities Law Attorneys at Miller Shah LLP Assist Clients with a Wide Range of Securities and Fraud Cases

The securities law attorneys at Miller Shah LLP are ready to discuss our securities regulations and governance services. You may also contact us if you are an attorney who needs assistance with a complex securities case. We help companies and individuals with cases involving securities management, securities fraud, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance. Call us today at 866-540-5505 or contact us online for an initial consultation. We handle cases nationwide from our offices in Pennsylvania, New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Regulatory Enforcement

We handle regulatory enforcement cases for our clients when they believe they have been falsely accused of violating government regulations. Large companies and banks are often flooded with regulators who will bring cases against the company or members of the management team. We will complete our own investigation in a regulatory enforcement case and use our understanding of these regulatory bodies to help resolve the case quickly.

We also help whistleblowers who believe that regulatory enforcement is not happening within their companies. Whistleblowers are entitled to a share of the money that is recovered, and we support whistleblowers during the legal process when they are brave enough to come forward.

We Have Experts on Our Team

Our attorneys have worked with and against the SEC, Department of Justice, and various self-regulatory organizations, including FINRA. With experience with a variety of securities registration and regulation issues under federal and state law, our lawyers have also worked with their clients with respect to Blue Sky and other compliance issues. We have offices in California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida, and lawyers in each office have a clear understanding of how state laws affect securities cases.

Whether our clients are investors who have been defrauded by a business during a securities transaction or large corporations that lost money to fraudulent buyers, our attorneys will review each governance case, class action opt-out, derivative suit, or corporate proxy contest during the consultation, and we will advise clients of the merits of their case.

If clients choose to review our previous/current cases, they may request the attorney who litigated a case of which they are interested. Our experts can shed some light on how these cases are managed and help clients understand the nature of each case during the consultation.

Plaintiff Lead Counsel

In addition to counseling our clients on matters related to securities regulation and corporate governance, Miller Shah has litigated complex cases involving directors and officers in federal and state courts across the country. Miller Shah has also served as lead counsel in several securities class actions and other corporate governance matters.

Clients may have a private attorney who handles most of their business affairs, but that attorney can turn to us when they need help with securities fraud, corporate governance, or other areas where they do not feel comfortable. For example, the attorney who handles a client’s family wealth may not feel comfortable filing a class action lawsuit.

Corporate Counsel

In such representations, Miller Shah has recovered millions of dollars for clients while achieving important corporate governance reforms. Clients can ask one of our expert governance attorneys to sit in on management or board meetings. We will advise clients of all changes to local and federal regulations that may impact their business, and we will help clients create policies for their business. If clients believe they have been adversely affected by another company’s or government’s actions, we will file a claim on their behalf. Because clients have retained our firm, they may contact us any time there is an issue. Forward all communication on the matter to our office, and we will take up the matter immediately.

Defense Representation

Recently, Miller Shah has been engaged by a large and internationally known investment firm to defend and manage opt-out litigation along with other securities matters. We will defend each business against any allegations or represent officers of the company who need our assistance. We understand that not all regulatory complaints are true, and we will work diligently to find the truth in each case. Again, our understanding of regulatory organizations, such as the SEC and FINRA, helps us come to a suitable resolution for every client.

Learn About Current and Previous Securities Cases

If clients are not certain how their case applies to our work, they can review our cases. There, clients will find a range of cases that include securities issues, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance. Clients do not need to understand each case completely, but they can make informed decisions when reading about cases we have handled. We also offer this resource for private attorneys who want to know more about our practice. We have assisted on many cases that involve class action suits, stockholder opt-outs, and securities fraud.

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